Wide Range Of Applications

Where can DC HOUSE batteries be used?

Safely Storing Solar Power

Solar power is an eco-friendly way to enjoy creature comforts (and essentials!) while camping or living off-grid. But it’s not as simple as hooking a solar panel up to your cell phone and charging away.LiFePO4 batteries provide a safe way to store that energy. Then you can put it to use with your appliances. Unlike lead acid batteries, lithium charges fast with the low-resistance charge of solar.

Premium RV Batteries

Your RV house battery is what takes your RV from a box-shaped tent to a true mobile “home”. That’s because it powers all your “home” comforts, like your water/septic system, fans, and fridge. Before LiFePO4 lithium batteries came on the scene, lead acid batteries were the RV go-to. But lithium is a major improvement over the old tech. Why? The main reason is they last much longer. You can generally use a lithium RV battery for 10 years or more before replacing it. Compare that to the 2-4 year lifespan of a lead acid battery.

Lightest Battery for Boats

If there’s one thing that can improve your boat’s speed and agility, it’s shedding weight. Just swap your boat battery for lightweight LiFePO4 lithium! These sleek, compact batteries are up to 70% lighter than lead acid. (All while packing the same amount of energy punch).

The Speediest Option for Your Golf Cart

Boats aren’t the only vehicles that benefit from lithium. One of the best lithium battery uses is to power golf carts and other small, lightweight vehicles. They can reach full speed and agility when propelled by lithium.But that’s not the only benefit. LiFePO4 batteries charge up to 500% times faster than lead acid.  (Yes, you read that right, 500 times). So no need to cancel a golf trip if someone forgot to charge the battery overnight.